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Concept, Art Direction
Inspired by the graphics of the garments featured and their mental link to video game nostalgia, "SURVIVAL MODE" is an homage to the visual aesthetic of late 90's/early 00's N64, PS2, & Sega DreamCast video games, particularly their color vibrancy and hue saturation. The title is a play on words stemming from the strenuous difficulty setting incorporating the French word for fashion. The target of our talented team is to transport the reader to an alternate reality, out of the drab and droll routine of boring and banal urban office suiting to a more eccentric aesthetic complete with electric hues and eclectic graphics. The spread will feature the masculine energy of male model Taylor David aka Jack Greystone, portrayed as a male peacock and modern dandy wearing graphic garments from Andrew Coimbra and Hayley Elsaesser accented by accessories such as a metal bow tie from Just Sultan x Pekota, posing with poise amongst exotic plants and animals such as Sapphire the Scarlet Macaw, Elvira the Tarantula, an Emperor Scorpion, and Buttercup the Python (provided by Hands On Exotics), and appearing triumphant of his tropical environment and tact with trends, surviving not only his surroundings, but the Spring/Summer Season in style.

Photographer: Roberto Vazquez
Creative Director: Rejh Lorenzo Cabrera
Stylist: Nagham Cararah
Hair: Ryan Oakley @ Black Sheep Hair Toronto
Makeup: Romy Zack
Animal handler: Seth @ Hands On Exotics
Photography Assistants: Gus Protopapas & Bavi Bas
Weapons handler: Dave Heinonen
Retoucher: Shernet Stone
Model: Taylor David @ Lang Models Toronto

This Is Not A Test - Carnival Magazine Feature

We had originally planned this shoot as a test shoot for photographer Roberto Vasquez, a 22-year-old Fashion & Commercial Photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Roberto is also a fashion show director for several runway shows, perhaps the largest being Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Roberto just wanted to experiment with colour gels and both Alex and I were not only available, but more than happy to be involved. We had all met at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and had exchanged contact info in hopes of working with each other. As mentioned before, this was only supposed to be a test shoot. It would be the first time that he would be shooting in that kind of light as well as the first time that I would contour in black, which is considered to be a makeup artist no-no. As Roberto was shooting however, we all started to really love the way the images were turning out and felt that they had an editorial feel to them. The colours were turning out beautifully and combined with the work of the stylist, we agreed that we would not be happy settling with this work of art being labeled as a ‘test’. Roberto and I will both be heading to Montreal, Canada this weekend to work on our first fashion film together titled ‘A Night To Remember’ and are very excited for this opportunity.

TOM* Toronto Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter Volunteer Casting Call

Yesterday I had the pleasure to help cast New Volunteers for the upcoming TOM* Toronto Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter show in February . I met with potential photographers and videographer who I believe will bring the show to the next level . 

As this year I become the Head Of Photography for this Male Model fashion show .

More details and blogs coming soon.

Also a big thanks to Hotel Germain for the amazing space.

Photoshoot with Model Clement

New photos of model : Clemet.

XPOSED FASHION SHOW, Pictures are now up!

XPOSED FASHION SHOW ; ELEVEN of fashion's brightest design newcomers showcase their work on the runway, teamed with hairstylists, makeup artists, models, photographers and videographer from schools across Ontario. Plus a trade show and silent auction featuring original jewelry creations, photography and fashion accessories.

I would like to personally thank Rebecca King from Visionary Events who put the entire thing together with her talented team.  I had a great pleasure working with so many talented people on these 2 days, which Canadian Fashion is going to get even bigger with the talent displayed at the show. I have upload Day 1 & Day 2 of the show in my albums on my Official Facebook Fan page ( CLICK HERE ). 

I would also like to thank all the models,hair,make up,designers and everyone involved that made the show happen.



"It is a show that truly has no rules or boundaries, just a place for students to let loose and showcase their visions with no marks."      ELEVEN of fashion's brightest design newcomers showcase their work on the runway, teamed with hairstylists, makeup artists, models, photographers and videographer from schools across Ontario. Plus a trade show and silent auction featuring original jewelry creations, photography and fashion accessories. Doors open at 6:00pm.    To purchase your tickets ( $25.00)   please visit :    or contact via email at :   

"It is a show that truly has no rules or boundaries, just a place for students to let loose and showcase their visions with no marks."

ELEVEN of fashion's brightest design newcomers showcase their work on the runway, teamed with hairstylists, makeup artists, models, photographers and videographer from schools across Ontario. Plus a trade show and silent auction featuring original jewelry creations, photography and fashion accessories. Doors open at 6:00pm.

To purchase your tickets ($25.00)  please visit : 

or contact via email at :


Want to be a Fashion Photographer?

Fashion Photography in Toronto

The fashion industry and photography are intertwined in that the latter presents a perfect platform for showcasing different trends beyond the runway. In Canada, Toronto is one of the cities that is home to a wide assortment of fashion elements ranging most of which thrive with the backing of photography. Consequently, there are many Toronto fashion photographers that have for many years captured magnificent shots of models showcasing various fashion items. Some of these shots have been used for advertising purposes or by fashion magazines for the sake of those who do not get to see the models on the runway during fashion shows. Thus, Toronto fashion photography is a great alternative to those people who do not wish to engage fashion in the raw form but through images.

The fashion photography niche is tough to break into as it calls for you to take perfect images. Roberto Vazquez is one of the leading fashion photographers that capture exquisite photos by putting their imagination and skills to work. In fact, professional models that have worked with him will agree to the fact that he is the best Toronto fashion photographer you can ever find because he possesses years of experience in capturing fashion, portrait and commercial images. This Toronto photographer is an embodiment of two photography disciplines a factor that has made him thrive in bringing out the best fashion shots. That is, not only is he a skilled portrait photographer but also possesses the ability to create images that target the advertisement world.

Fashion Photography - What it Takes

To succeed in Toronto beauty photography,


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To be a successful fashion photographer you must also have a love of fine design clothes - without it you will never achieve the heights that bring success. A fashion photographer must stay up to date with all the latest fashion and have the ability to use his/her imagination to sell new designs.

Selling is the key - the fashion photographer must be able to sell his images to the fashion editor. Fashion photography is advertising and selling clothes.

To establish a reputation in fashion photography, the first thing you must do is set up a portfolio. Your portfolio should display your best work and be your first selling point. The second, and equally as important as the first, is to set up an online portfolio - your own personal Website.

To set up a portfolio you first must hire a model. Contacting your local modelling agencies can do this. You don't need to hire a well-known model for your fashion portfolio - you need someone who will act well in front of the camera.

Clothing Illustrations & Model idea for Surfing Photo shoot that client has requested. 

Clothing Illustrations & Model idea for Surfing Photo shoot that client has requested. 

To be very successful you need to build a good relationship with models. Some models can be tough to work with so people psychology will play an important part. If you intend to shoot from your home studio supply a changing room for them.

If a model becomes unhappy for any reason the photo session will be a waste of time. Allow your model to make their own suggestions - regardless of how trivial it may be, it will help to keep them relaxed and you may get results that may be useful.

Once your portfolio is created you need to get exposure for it. If you have previously published work - use them as a statement with the picture editors. You need to establish a good working relationship with all fashion editors that you'll be working with. So be professional.

Fashion photo editors are looking for concise images that clearly communicate an idea. You must, as a fashion photographer, have the ability to create unique settings.

When you do gather a large amount of fashion images, submit them to a fashion agency: Women's magazines all over the world buy hundreds of stock shots every month. Photo agencies exist to sell photographers images - some of the larger fashion agencies have buyers all over the world. Some agencies can also re-sell your work in several different markets, and others will give you great career advice.

Keep up to date with fashion magazines, study the market and always be on the lookout for changing trends.

Don't be afraid to take the first step. If a fashion editor has no interest in your work - don't worry - try contacting different magazines or agencies - most great photographers have their work rejected some time during their career.

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Fashion photography is an extremely tough market to break into, but if you are willing to work hard, have a good imagination and hold the ability to take perfect images you are off to a good start.

Fashion photography is an art and fashion photographers have helped designers sell their clothes and items by taking good pictures of models wearing the clothes and posing in various positions at exotic locations. When aspiring models and especially those in Toronto want to have their pictures taken, usually get fashion photographers to take their pictures. Pictures taken by fashion photographers have been known to propel the careers of some models to dizzying heights.

Some people living in cities like Toronto often wonder what the requirements needed to fulfill their aspirations to break into the industry. Since fashion photography is an art, one needs to have artistic skill to ensure efficacy in their work. A natural sense of style and a knack to portray clothes artistically are some of the necessities for one to join successfully this field. One should also have an artistic inclination in regards to composition and modeling. Ethics and etiquette are other requirements a fashion photographer should posses, as they would need to travel widely to meet many people in their line of work. An additional element needed is for one to have is technical ability; as this will help one know how to work with the equipment used for this type of activity. An entrepreneurship spirit and skills can help one get ahead in this field especially if they live in fashion cities like Toronto. Another mandatory requirement is the basic equipment for one to flourish in these endeavors. One cannot break into the field if they do not have an ideal camera.

BTS Shot of our Surfing Photoshoot at Cherry Beach.

BTS Shot of our Surfing Photoshoot at Cherry Beach.

If a person wants to break into fashion photography, one should come up with a portfolio. They can either put the work they have done in a physical portfolio or develop a portfolio website to post their work. After the putting a portfolio together, one should send them to locations such as modeling agencies and fashion magazines. Alternatively, one can enlist the services of a photo agency to market his or her pictures. One benefit of fashion photography is one gets to travel to numerous locations and meet many people. People who photography and images could find this profession a worthwhile endeavor as it would bring one satisfaction through what they love to do. This profession also pays well; fashion photography is a well paying profession. Professional fashion photographers are always on demand; thus, one will never be out of work longer than they need to be.

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An ideal fashion photographer should have the necessary equipment, staff and an ideal location to ensure that the photography sessions canary on unhindered. Any fashion model looking to be represented by a certain photographer will have these qualities in mind to make certain that their careers are well on course. Cloth line owners', house ware owners as well as salon designers in also hire fashion photographers. Competent fashion photographers are keen to satisfy one's fashion needs. These needs include taking exceptional photos during a fashion event. A model uses these photographs to build their career photo portfolio.

Apart from participating in fashion, modeling and photography, these professionals offer services during wedding events. Toronto is one of the biggest honeymoon destinations due to its many beautiful sites and scenery. Wedding photography services in Toronto are up to standard and are available at affordable costs. An example of photography agency offering wedding photography services includes The agency has thrived due to its professional services. Customers enjoy artistic and classical photography. Fashion, modeling and photography have created numerous job opportunities to thousands of young people in Canada. Among these, include wedding gown designers. They design gowns according to one's taste and preference. Such individuals have skills of designing dresses to create a happy mood during the event. K. productions provide wedding photography as well as video services that focus to the very last detail.

Other special occasions where fashion, modeling and photography services are required include magazine fashion events. In such occasions, fashion designers design outfits for models to strut down elegantly designed runways. A fashion designer should choose the colors wisely depending on the nature of event taking place. In the same events, skilled fashion photography is required to produce quality photos, which are often used by the company while preparing the magazine. A photographer should produce photos rich in the fashion diversity depicted. In such occasions, both fashion designers as well as photographers should help models depict the outfits in their stylish manner. Growth in this industry has exceptional development in Toronto and other Canadian cities due to aggressive marketing.


Surf City.

For this photo shoot I collaborated with a talented designer from Ryerson School Of Fashion based in Toronto. The designer for this amazing shoot was Charlene Becking, who designed multiple surfing outfits . The location of this shoot was shot at Cherry Beach in Toronto. Which was crazy because the weather was really cold, windy and to make things even worse when entering for this shot with Stacie Elme (1 of 2 models) for this shoot. The water felt like it was -40 and the stones in the water were even worse because it was jabbing our feet while entering this arctic water. But we stayed strong and finished with some amazing photographs. We would love to say thank you to Mike from Surf Ontario who supplied us with two great surfboards. 

More photos coming soon.



Model: Stacie Elmer | Photographer: Roberto Vazquez

Model: Stacie Elmer | Photographer: Roberto Vazquez

XPosed Fashion Show 2014 - Exposing the Future

I recently collaborated with XPOSED for this fashion teaser for their upcoming event. I had a fun time taking some pictures at the Music Garden here in Toronto. The area is no like no part of Toronto. It's peaceful and a place to relax and go for a walk.

XPOSED is a 2-day event that celebrates and showcases the fashion industry's freshest up and coming talent. Participants in the show are students currently attending college or university and include fashion designers, models, hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers, videographers, visual and performing artists, and journalists. The event provides an excellent opportunity for fashion industry professionals to preview the brightest and best talent that is about to enter the exciting field of couture.

To purchase tickets or for inquires email:

For more information visit

Model: Emily Brade

Photographer: Roberto Vazquez

Creative Director: Rebecca King

Video By: Peter Chasapis

Spring Collection ! Photos coming Soon

For this Spring photo shoot , I collaborated with the up and coming clothing designer Sydney Roney for her amazing Spring Collection with the help of Sherrida Model Agency in Toronto.

For this Spring Fashion shoot, I really wanted to shoot a spring collection similar to Joe Fresh ads. I first thought was to shoot outside but as well all know Toronto weather is not the best right now.  Over all and all , I had a great time working with everyone and could of not of done it with my Make up and Hair styling crew 

Models :

Photographs coming Soon

Group shot of our lovely spring models ; Vera Lipatova (Left) Madison Makepeace (Center) & Britney Thistle (Right)

Group shot of our lovely spring models ; Vera Lipatova (Left) Madison Makepeace (Center) & Britney Thistle (Right)

La Haine, A Women's Tale .

This photoshoot I was inspired by the beautiful film called La Haine by Director: Mathieu Kassovitz.

After watching this French black-and-white drama/suspense film, I planned on doing the same type of shoot but with a women's twist. The model used for this fashion beauty photo was the lovely french Toronto model Sophie Nulli. Not only was her poses amazing but the dramaticness that her eyes drew towards the lens was just outstanding.

The photo set of this great tale is coming soon. So stay tune :)



Garden Party Photoshoot !

For this up coming Spring Season I had a chance to collaborate with the Talented up and coming clothing Designer Elizabeth Chung from the Ryerson School of Fashion here in Toronto. For this fashion photo shoot I decide to go with a 2 setups.

Group Photo of all the beautiful Talent I had a chance to photograph.

Group Photo of all the beautiful Talent I had a chance to photograph.

One setup was a grey backdrop to create a beautiful Catalogue look and the other was a green hedge covered with flowers background. The Photos are still being worked on as we speak and coming soon.

Many thanks to the team yesterday for not only working as one but finishing on time!

Credits to following ;

Designer :Elizabeth Chung 
Sherdian Models : Natalie Pierre-Jubb St, Lerinman Maria, Pederson Kiana 
Orange Models: Laura Squires
Model: Erica
Hair Stylist : Travis Fiedtkou
Make up Artist : Carley Bethany Raine Chamberlain-Clark and Nehal
Make up & Hair :Kay Zhang ,Teresa Young 
Photo Assistant:Lee Nguyen
Photographer: Roberto Vazquez Photography


Nicole Wilson Head shots from Carolyn's Talent Agency

For this head shot photo shoot I teamed up with Carolyn's Model and Talent Agency 

( Toronto ), which then I was contacted by Nicole and Deb Wilson. I had a great time working with Nicole and her mother was delightful to be around.  If you are interested in Hire Nicole for TV or Print please Contact Carolyn's  Agency ( CLICK HERE ) or her mothers email at ;

Model : Nicole Wilson 
from Carolyn's Model and Talent Agency
Toronto Photographer: Roberto Vazquez Photography