This Is Not A Test - Carnival Magazine Feature

We had originally planned this shoot as a test shoot for photographer Roberto Vasquez, a 22-year-old Fashion & Commercial Photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Roberto is also a fashion show director for several runway shows, perhaps the largest being Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Roberto just wanted to experiment with colour gels and both Alex and I were not only available, but more than happy to be involved. We had all met at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and had exchanged contact info in hopes of working with each other. As mentioned before, this was only supposed to be a test shoot. It would be the first time that he would be shooting in that kind of light as well as the first time that I would contour in black, which is considered to be a makeup artist no-no. As Roberto was shooting however, we all started to really love the way the images were turning out and felt that they had an editorial feel to them. The colours were turning out beautifully and combined with the work of the stylist, we agreed that we would not be happy settling with this work of art being labeled as a ‘test’. Roberto and I will both be heading to Montreal, Canada this weekend to work on our first fashion film together titled ‘A Night To Remember’ and are very excited for this opportunity.