SURVIVAL MODE | Huf Magazine


Concept, Art Direction
Inspired by the graphics of the garments featured and their mental link to video game nostalgia, "SURVIVAL MODE" is an homage to the visual aesthetic of late 90's/early 00's N64, PS2, & Sega DreamCast video games, particularly their color vibrancy and hue saturation. The title is a play on words stemming from the strenuous difficulty setting incorporating the French word for fashion. The target of our talented team is to transport the reader to an alternate reality, out of the drab and droll routine of boring and banal urban office suiting to a more eccentric aesthetic complete with electric hues and eclectic graphics. The spread will feature the masculine energy of male model Taylor David aka Jack Greystone, portrayed as a male peacock and modern dandy wearing graphic garments from Andrew Coimbra and Hayley Elsaesser accented by accessories such as a metal bow tie from Just Sultan x Pekota, posing with poise amongst exotic plants and animals such as Sapphire the Scarlet Macaw, Elvira the Tarantula, an Emperor Scorpion, and Buttercup the Python (provided by Hands On Exotics), and appearing triumphant of his tropical environment and tact with trends, surviving not only his surroundings, but the Spring/Summer Season in style.

Photographer: Roberto Vazquez
Creative Director: Rejh Lorenzo Cabrera
Stylist: Nagham Cararah
Hair: Ryan Oakley @ Black Sheep Hair Toronto
Makeup: Romy Zack
Animal handler: Seth @ Hands On Exotics
Photography Assistants: Gus Protopapas & Bavi Bas
Weapons handler: Dave Heinonen
Retoucher: Shernet Stone
Model: Taylor David @ Lang Models Toronto